HeaL for People with Diabetes

Managing diabetes is all about adopting a healthy lifestyle, with regular blood glucose monitoring, routine follow-up with your physician, and making robust changes in your diet and exercise patterns. But managing all these changes can be exhausting. HeaL, a smart technology-enabled diabetes management platform, overcomes all these hurdles by delivering personalized guidance that transforms your post-diabetes lifestyle with ease.

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Why Should You Use HeaL?

HeaL is your health buddy providing personalized treatment support for better management of Diabetes. It delivers four critical advantages


Manage your medication schedules, exercise regimens, and nutrition plans with the trusted digital assistant


Track your diabetes management efforts with AI-driven cognitive insights that help you determine diabetes-friendly patterns


Connect securely to your select family members who can support you with diabetes care monitoring


Consult your physician from within the comfort and convenience of your home with video consultation

Simplify Diabetes management with the smart touch of HeaL

Empower your diabetes management efforts with self-monitoring to achieve greater control of your blood glucose levels

Track your daily physical activity and exercise patterns accurately by comparing your activity goal against your actual performance

Benefit from top-of-the line nutritionists who are a click away to guide you with the knowledge from their years of research and practice. 

Create smart combos of your favourite meals through HeaL’s calorie manager. Managing Diabetes does not mean giving up your favourite food.

Gain complete control of your diabetes with data-powered patterns using machine learning algorithms evaluating your blood glucose levels


HeaL for Doctors

Simplifying delivery of Diabetes care to patients

As a healthcare provider, you can leverage the benefits of HeaL’s comprehensive, mobility-driven, and secure care portal that delivers on every healthcare provider’s expectations of effective care delivery.

Why Should You Use HeaL?

HeaL delivers the following benefits for physicians and other care providers:

Integrated Care

Deliver improved patient outcomes by leveraging HeaL’s technology-enabled integrated network of care stakeholders


Manage your patients in real-time and connect with them virtually for follow-ups or during an emergency


Benefit from instant risk alerts, data insights, and early issue identification through predictive analysis


Simplify appointment scheduling, with easy to follow steps for patients to book online doctor appointments

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An integrated digital diabetes management platform connecting diabetic patients to various healthcare providers.

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  • “My life will be marked as Before HeaL and after HeaL. Before HeaL, I was barely walking a few hundred steps each day and eating all I could and many days I used to feel very tired by mid-day. As a Senior QA engineer for Heka Solutions, testing the app (HeaL) translated into gradual changes in my own lifestyle with incremental personalized goals & challenges as suggested by HeaL. Today I walk more than 10k steps/daily with ease, eat mindfully and feel more energetic than ever. In the process I lost 3kg/3 months without trying and reduced HbA1c by 1%. I will continue the HeaL journey - Thank you HeaL!”

    Navaneetham Vemula
  • “I am using HeaL app from past 45 days.. Priyanka Sadhukhan is my nutritionist. I lost around 2 kg till date. I feel happy and getting my confidence back after starting to lose weight after a long period of time. HeaL app is very useful to track my daily calories intake... It also suggests what type of foods to eat more for a better health. It also counts the steps I take daily which is very helpful to me to keep track of myself. Priyanka supports me a lot and she always checks where I'm going wrong and what to improve...”

    Mrudu Archak
  • During the medical camp conducted by Heka Solutions at my company is when I first found out my random blood glucose was 415 and blood pressure over 145/100. With HeaL app's guidance, I could get my health on track again with simple lifestyle changes and medications for diabetes and hypertension. My fasting blood glucose is close to normal, 112 and BP 110/80. Feel a lot better physically and mentally. Thanks to the HeaL team who helped through this tough time!

    Sriram Prabhu