Benefits of Meditation

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In the fast paced, stressful and competitive world one finds it difficult to be focused, attentive, active and healthy.

Meditation is a practice to control the subconscious mind through observing and acknowledging conscious thoughts.One of the several techniques is mindful meditation which is paying attention to the breath inhaled and exhaled while being conscious of the thoughts. Through this process of training the mind benefits like better focus of mental energy, inner peace, harmonizing mind and body etc, are achieved.

Benefits of meditation include:

  • The meditation facilitates health and a wide variety of health conditions. It improves and maintains energy levels throughout the day.
  • In the hectic phase of life mental and physical stress can increase the level of stress hormone Cortisol. Regular practice of meditation can decrease the stress thereby reducing the incidence of chronic diseases.
  • It can boost health by increasing the immune function making us less susceptible to diseases.
  • It is also known to reduce anxiety symptoms like phobias, Obsessive compulsive disorders, panic attacks, social anxiety and paranoid thoughts.
  • Reduces inflammation at cellular level.
  • It helps in controlling pain. In a study, mindful meditation done by older adults has shown in lowering the back pain, thereby improving their quality of life.
  • Meditation makes us more productive by increasing our focus, attention ability to multitask and improved memory.
  • It enables us to stabilize our emotions and make us better at handling unpleasant situations around us.
  • It creates inner joy with increased happiness and greater gratitude.
  • It helps in relaxing the body and releases any tension from the body and enables us to have great sleep at nights. It is highly recommended for insomnia patients.
  • Meditation techniques have shown o lower blood pressure thereby reducing risk of high blood pressure complications.
  • It also helps in gaining self control. The mental development achieved by meditation may help to fight addictions. Meditation based therapies may help people quit smoking.
  • It helps us to learn to manage body and mind combination.
  • Improves mental clarity and helps us to make better decisions.


Meditation can be done anytime and mostly anywhere. It is essential for overall well being of an individual.



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