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SMART Approach

Most of our resolutions start on New Year’s Eve and end by 1st quarter, March 31st or even earlier. The problem here is setting goals and unable to sustain them longer. So, what is a better way to do this? Let us approach it in a SMART way.

What is a SMART approach?

It is a way of goal setting as Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

How to do this?

Specific – Instead of having a vague goal, be specific about your goal. For example, keeping a goal of eating better is broad, there can be many ways. Instead of that if you keep a goal of eating three salads per week, trying to avoid sweets after lunch and having a fruit for sweet craving etc would make it a specific goal.

Measurable – After making a specific goal, how do we know whether we are successful in implementing it or not? Your goal should be measurable. Goal of committing to have homemade meals can be measurable. Walking for 30 min 5 days is also measurable. It can help you to keep a check on yourself.

Attainable – Having simple doable goals and yet challenging, which can be put into immediate action are encouraged. It is also about attitude to achieve it. It is hard to resist a tasty sweet after lunch but by pre-planning a snack before can make your goal achievable.

Realistic – Big goals are difficult to sustain. It is always better to have smaller goals which lead to a major change. Rather than thinking of making lifestyle changes, keeping it simple like having 8 glasses of water or sleeping early can be realistic and attainable.

Timely – Rather than having a long term goal try to have a short term goal to avoid procrastination. Designate a limited amount of time so that you are motivated and happy to complete it. Having deadlines to your goal will keep you encouraged to attain it and have one more specific goal ready to achieve.

This is indeed a SMART way to approach for a better change in one’s life. Think about the big picture but also think small at the same time. Attain it and celebrate your success.

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